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Singapore Mountaineering Federation
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about the singapore mountaineering federation
The idea to set up an umbrella body to facilitate mountaineering and climbing related sports was first mooted in 1990.  A protem committee comprising representatives from various adventure clubs in Singapore was then formed in 1991 to spearhead the effort.  With the support from the Singapore Sports Council, the Singapore Mountaineering Federation (SMF) was officially established in September 1993. As the National Sport Association (NSA) for mountaineering and climbing related sports, the SMF is a federation of adventure and mountaineering member organisations, and is run by an elected committee of 10 persons drawn from affiliate clubs.

The SMF is itself affiliated to the Asian Committee for Climbing Competition based in South Korea and is a council member of the South-East-Asia Council for Climbing Competition.  The SMF is also a member of the UIAA, the world body representing climbing and mountaineering.

objectives of the SMF
The objectives of the Federation are:
  • To encourage and promote all forms of climbing and mountaineering sports in Singapore - encompassing rock and sport climbing, snow and ice climbing, alpine climbing and similar and related outdoor activities.
  • To regulate and set standards and guidelines for all climbing and mountaineering activities in Singapore.
  • To provide information, assistance, facilities and advice on matters pertaining to climbing and mountaineering in Singapore and elsewhere to all Members.

  • To serve as the national body in liaising with any affiliated, federated, or recognised mountaineering association or club in any part of the world.
milestone events
Some of the major events that the SMF has been involved in were:
  • The annual National Sport Climbing Championship - the premier local climbing competition event, fondly referred to as Rock On, that is attracting an increasing number of local and foreign climbers.
  • Co-organised the Mt Ophir Clean-up with the  Mountaineering Association of Malaysia in 1994.
  • Hosting the highly successful 4th Asian Sports Climbing Championship in 1995 which saw participation from 10 countries from around the region.
  • Organised the 1st and 2nd Mountain Festivals in 1995 and 1997 respectively.
  • Co-organised the 1st Singapore Mount Everest Expedition in 1998.
  • Developed and launched the Singapore National Climbing Standards in 1998.
the management committee (2001-2003)
The SMF is run by a team of volunteers from the various adventure clubs. The Federation's patron is Mr David T.E. Lim, Minister of State (Defence & the Arts).
president Mr Yip Seck Hong HMC
vice-president Mr David Lim MOSS
vice-president Mr Anthony Wong SAC
secretary Mr Rasip Isnin SAFRA
asst secretary Mr Dominic Tung MOSS
treasurer Ms Tan Muei Hoon SAC
committee member Dr Shani Tan MOSS
committee member Mr Rajiv Koul AECS
committee member Mr Philip Royston Samy Victoria PA
committee member Mr Tok Beng Cheong SP
committee member Mr Effendy Rajab Scout
committee member Mr Rami Cooper Maysami AECS
chairman, technical Mr Anthony Seah SAFRA
chairman, coaching Mr Mohd Amir Moostafa SAFRA
chairman, competition Ms Joanne Soo SAFRA
SMF's affiliated members
The SMF members comprised most of the major adventure clubs in Singapore:

about us  |  climbing in s'pore  |  s'pore national climbing standards  |  events  |  photo gallery  |  links  | site map  |  contact us

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